The Studio

Design powerful apps with the latest technological advances in the field of mobility with a large library of features, functions, modules and styles.

The Player

The player is a mobile application on Apple Store and Google Play which lets you see your mobile app’s final result before rolling out to the stores.


Offer your mobile users geolocation features such as point of sale location or directions.
Each piece of geographic content can be adapted to each user and contextualised according to their profile.
The segmentation feature also lets you send notifications based on the user’s position.

Push Notifications

Send manual or prescheduled push notifications to your mobile users. Increase your visibility with customisation and segmentation options.

The partnership between Swizi and Mapwize allows you to offer your mobile users a truly augmented experience. Map your buildings, manage your points of interest and enrich your apps with indoor features: directions, locations of points of interest, availability of rooms, etc.

Swizi integrates technology from our partner Stimshop to create interactivity via ultrasound. It allows you to offer your mobile users innovative features: presence verification, contextualise the app according to the location, localised push, etc.


Create and animate native iOS and Android mobile apps

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